Corporate Social Reponsibility

Supporting our local communities allow CBO Associates to fulfill our core beliefs and values as a company. We believe that giving is the essential part in developing and creating a better society for all. Whether it’s by supporting a charity, a cause or an event, we’re constantly reaching out into the community to help others.

Coca Cola 5by20 Mentoring Programme

Angie Foreman, Programme Director Coca-Cola 5by20 at Women’s Business Station

“Launched in July 2018 our ambitious Mentor Programme aims to offer 1 to 1 guidance and support during those challenging and lonely times in business. Our 12-month programme is led by a mentoring expert who aims to drive our programme to the top.

The Coca-Cola 5by20 programme is grateful for the support provided by Clark Boles and CBO Associates throughout the year and for the co-sponsorship of the 2019 Mentoring Programme.”

Fly Cup Catering

Denise Belshaw, CEO

“Fly Cup Catering is a charity providing training and employment opportunities for adults with a learning disability in recognition of the social and economic benefits attained by being part of a structured working environment.

Clark from CBO Associates has been a strong supporter of this award-winning organisation over the last several years, and this working relationship continues to grow as we embark on the next phase of the business plan.”

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